Theory Of Coding

First of all a warm welcome to all the theists and atheists to my first blog post. For this post it doesn’t matter which category you belong to, because what I am going to tell now is something that struck my psyche when I used to be excessively fond of programming, and I can assure that this one is something Out of the Box.

At that time a major part of my life was completely overtook by programming and I started merging programming with our lives, to find the relation between them. And what I found was something really fascinating. I titled it “The Theory of Coding”.

According to this, our life is nothing but simply based on a predefined set of instructions. Like there are software functioning through a set of instructions coded in languages like C, C++, Java, etc. our life too is based on certain algorithms.

Do you really think that GOD (if you believe in its existence) has so much time that he will sit and manage the actions of each and every individual. I don’t think so. As there is a key which on rotating, executes a motion of any toy, it can be assumed that there is a particular code assigned to every living thing.

As we start thinking, we will realize that after happiness we are encircled by the clouds of sorrows and same applies when we are sad. Thus the coin of happiness and sadness on either side, keeps on flipping. On the other hand, whenever we do something right we feel good from inside and whenever we do wrong, we feel bad.

There are a lot more cases like this, which are based on simple conditional statements like If-else. Let’s study this with the help of a flowchart.


When you are born your health is 100%. As you grow up you perform several actions. These actions determine your mood or the state of your mind as happy or sad, according to the actions being right or wrong respectively and correspondingly your health varies. Further this cycle keeps on repeating until your health reaches to 0% and your life ends with death.

So, if you still think that someone is really present, controlling your destiny…..Think Again!!

Thanks for reading this…These are just the ‘Reflection of My Thoughts’.

It Doesn’t Have Any Relation To The Subject Of My Blog.



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